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And We’re Back!

And what did we learn?

Were you inconvenienced by the Blackouts today? Cranky that you couldn’t access Wikipedia to answer that burning question, who played Sgt. Howie in The Wicker Man?(Edward Woodward in the original, Nicholas Cage in the remake.) Couldn’t get your Redditt fix? Were some of your favorite Flickr pics unavailable?

If any of this bothered you, if you had to change the way you did one thing today, then you can begin to understand why SOPA and PIPA need to be stopped. Now, I agree that piracy is a pox that needs a vaccination — I’ve had my fair share of articles, essays, columns, etc. pilfered. But not at the expense of losing everything. Just because one idiot opts to steal software, music or someone else’s work does not mean all the sites on the ISP he happens to use should be wiped off the planet, nor should it mean an ISP or DNS should be blacklisted as a pirate.

So, now that things are back to normal, what will you do now? I hope you contact your congressman and tell him/her that there must be a better way than to give in to some lobbyists. Lobbyists who aren’t looking out for the public good — just their own bottom lines. There has to be a better way.

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