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Post Two, Day Two

Don’t have a whole lot to say. Spent my day writing articles. I need to find new clients, because my current ones are getting on my nerves. LOL

I’m a little fed up with CEs that question everything I write. If I’m supposed to be the expert, then a CE needs to trust in that, at least to an extent. But questioning whether my definition of “overhead account” is correct because, “all companies have overhead, so it doesn’t make sense that you limited it to manufacturing busineses” because that’s what you BELIEVE is going a bit around the bend.

FYI – An overhead account is a term used for a manufacturing business to record the expenses incurred during the production process. Yes, all businesses have overhead, but really, that term is misused for any business that doesn’t manufacture goods. For all over businesses, “Expenses” is adequate.

Anyhow, my day has been spent dealing with CEs who seem to be on a slight power trip. Maybe it’s a beginning of the month issue, or a new batch of CEs are coming through and trying to prove themselves. Eh, whatever.

Upward and onward. The search for new and better clients begins tomorrow.

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