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So, what I thought was the simple need to take a couple of days off from writing, turned into almost a week of practically NO writing at all! I didn’t decompress — I CRASHED AND BURNED.

It wasn’t because I didn’t want to write or that I didn’t have anything to say — I just couldn’t stay awake or think enough to write anything coherent. There is an actual medical reason for the issue that I’m not going to do into here, but the worst seems to have finally passed, and I am back to work.

About three posts ago, I wrote about “Powering Through” — ie., writing when you really don’t want to.

Well, I was just reminded, and not so gently, that sometimes that Just. Can’t. Happen.

Sometimes you have to let the work sit for awhile. Sometimes you really just need to pay attention to what you brain is telling you (or in my case, what it doesn’t say) and just stop for a while. Fighting it just draws out the process.

So, if you ever see yourself heading toward the wall, and you have to power to put on the brakes and avoid smacking face-first into it, DO IT.  Do not let your pride or stubbornness cloud your common sense.  The words will always be there. Your clients will understand, and if they don’t, there are always more clients to be had.

Do what you gotta do to be you.

Lesson learned. 🙂


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