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Nano — Day Three

Yeah, so this is my first post in November, but I have been working on my Nano novel. I’m at just under 3,400 words, so I still need to knock out some words tonight, but I’m kinda proud that I worked on it two days in a row.

The only problem — I don’t like what I’ve written so far.

I don’t know if I’m not far enough into it to really enjoy writing it, or if my idea is fizzling out..but this is not much fun for me right now.

Then again, sometimes writing isn’t fun, so I’m going to power through today and see if I like where things are going. Otherwise, I might scrap this idea and work on another idea I had. It all still counts toward the word count anyway, right?

I’m going to assume you’re all nodding your heads in agreement.

OK — off to do some Nano’ing.

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