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Blog Challenge – Day 6

At this point, you’ve probably figured out that I lead a pretty boring life. Want to know the highlight of my day? I got the Hotel game piece for the McDonald’s Monopoly game, so I’m now entered to win the Fiat.

Go me.

Other than that exciting development, I wrote a lot of product descriptions, worked on the outline for the tech book I’m writing, and looked for new chainmaille patterns.


I’d tell you what I’m doing tomorrow, but it would ruin the surprise. You’ll just have to come back tomorrow and read all about it.

Hint: Dogs and food will be involved…

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A Sad Anniversary

I’ve spent the day working and looking up at a picture on my wall. It’s of my dog, Harley. Harley crossed the Rainbow Bridge a year and a day ago, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. He was a special dog, and I loved him dearly.

He was the kind of dog that waited until all the other dogs were done begging for attention, and then he’s tug on your shirt for his turn. He never wanted to play fetch, but enjoyed taking long lazy walks. And he rarely barked. When he did, it was a shockingly deep bark, especially for a dog his size. He was just starting to really grow before he became ill. I often wonder how big he would be now.

His place on the bed was either in the small of my back with his head on my hip, or with his head flopped over my shoulder, nose almost poking me in the ear. His hot dog breath used to drive me bonkers. I’d shrug him away, only to awaken several hours later with him in the same spot.

He was pretty much a loner. When all the other dogs would be snuggled up against each other, or playing together, Harley would often be off to himself. Or curled up in a ball under my desk. I think that’s why I had such an affinity for him, he marched to the beat of his own drummer, just like me. If he followed any of the people in the house, it was me he followed. If he was in one of his stubborn moods, I was the only one who could get him to behave. I was his people.

One of the biggest regrets of my life was not being with him during his final moments. I had gone out to get him more meds, and by the time I got back, he was gone. From the looks of things, I think I missed his passing by mere seconds. I scooped him up, told him I loved him and cried over him for what seemed like forever, but was really maybe 15 minutes. Saying goodbye to him was agonizing. Before we removed him from the house, I snipped some of his fur. It sits on the mantel, in a small vase.

I want to believe that Harley knew how much I loved him. He was special. He was unique. He was beautiful. He was mine.

But not for long enough.

I hope you’re frolicking, happy and free on the other side of the Bridge, Harley, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish for just one more day with you. Just one more chance to shrug you off my shoulders. Just to feel you tug on my shirt one more time…

RIP, my friend. Until we meet again…


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You know how the hero always loses the first half of the fight? Yeah, it was kinda like that.

Okay, so I’ve watched the first debate three times now.

Why are you shocked, I’m geeky like that.

Anyway, in case you missed it, or just want to watch it again, The First Presidential Debate.

Quite honestly, I found the debate rather boring, sans shaking my head at the false facts being thrown around repeatedly, esepcially the $716 million and 5 trillion number. Anyone remember “locked box” and “fuzzy math?” I’m not going to list them all, you can go read all about them at PolitiFact, Factcheck, CNN and NPR. I’m sure Fox has their own brand of fact checking as well, but I’m guessing they’re more interested in the touting of Christie/Palin 2020 to be bothered with what’s going on right now.

But I digress.

Oh to be a fly on the wall (very HIGH up on the wall) when President Obama walked off the stage and greeted his Senior staff. I don’t deign to speak for anyone, but if I were writing the script, I think the convo would go a little something like this:

President: Who the F*** was that?

Staffer: I have no idea.

President: We didn’t prep for him. I don’t know who he is.

Staffer: Neither do we.

First Lady: Why didn’t you go after him? Why did you let him take the ball and run with it. Why did you let him continue to make you go right?

President: Who the hell was that?

That’s my way of saying that although some say Obama look disinterested, while others say he seemed angry, to me, he seemed shell shocked. I know I was. Just as soon as we’re sure we’ve seen all the faces of Romney, he creates a new one. If Marvel doesn’t pattern a villain after him, they are missing a choice opportunity.

To his credit, Romney showed up to play and win, and he was successful. He managed to be engaging, even though it was in an almost-parental and definitely patronizing manner. And I think he was well on his way to winning over some of those Independents and undecideds…

Until he stated he was going to fire Big Bird. For many, that’s when the wheels came off the bus. Romney stated that he would cut funding to PBS to help balance the budget. Hum. Cutting $26 million out of trillions of dollars is as helpful as going to the grocery store, buying $200 worth of food, and plopping down a 50-cent coupon. Leave Big Bird and Downton Abbey alone!

Another issue: I still don’t know what his plans are. Yes, I know he has a plan. Yes, I know he has websites and YouTube videos to explain the plan. But it might have been smart if Romney, oh I don’t know, spent less time mowing over Lehrer so he could chant $716 million, and more time outlining what his plans actually are. Not everyone goes on the Internet. No, really, it’s true.

Romney made the comment that he could not understand why Obama spent his first two years in office going after Obamacare, when jobs were desperately needed. I have a question for Mr.Romney: Why did congress spend the last two years trying to repeal Obamacare instead of voting on the jobs bill?  Yeah, exactly.

So, did Romney win or did Obama lose?

No, really there is a difference. I understand why everyone says Romney won the debate. But which Romney did we see last night? Since he changes stances more than a Diva changes clothes, it is hard to really say Romney won. But it is clear to me that Obama did not win. Obama wasn’t prepared for what Romney brought to the stage. I don’t think anyone was prepared for what Romney pulled off last night. The fact of the matter, is that Obama does not like to confront his opponents. He prefers a more relaxed approach. However, Obama is not engaged in a gentleman’s debate. This is a street fight, and he just got his butt handed to him. Now that the President realizes this, expect him to come out swinging next time. As for Romney, who knows what to expect next. Maybe he’ll hire some of the Muppets he plans to fire to debate for him.

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Debate Number 1…

is now behind us. And what did we learn?

1. Obama hasn’t had to defend his stance in a long time.

2. Romney doesn’t seem to understand the rules of debate.

3. Jim Lehrer never had control of the debate as moderator.

4, Town Hall formats without a town hall are just stupid.

5. Romney loves Big Bird, but has no problem firing him.

6. Romney has a plan. He’ll tell you what it is later.

7. Obama lost this debate. Yeah, I said it. Obama didn’t show up. He didn’t really have to.

8. Romney won this debate. Of course he had to.

Overall, I can’t say I’ve come out of this debate with any more information than I had going in. I’m still waiting for all the fact-checkers to chime in — they’re got their work cut out for them.

If there’s a “smoking gun” revealed, I’ll discuss that tomorrow, or whenever it’s revealed.

In other news, I had three of my favorite clients contact me with work today, which was cool. I started a new piece of chainmaille jewelry, which is cool, too.

And today, I did actually feed the dogs. 😉

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Blah blah blah…

Dear Diary,

Today I fed the dogs and cleaned the oven.

Okay, so I didn’t actually do either of those things. Diva fed the dogs, and the oven is missing a door, so there’s not much point in cleaning it.

Yeah, there’s a story about the oven. Some of you already know it. For the rest of you: One 85lb dog + One Box of dog treats on a counter = Dog turning oven door into a springboard, failing miserably, and crashing back down on said oven door and decimating it.

I’m really going to have to get that fixed before the holidays…

But anyway, today was pretty uneventful. I was too busy working to actually find anything worthy of a blog post (I’ve barely even been on Facebook today, and my Twitter account goes untouched) and nothing exciting happened around here personally, so I guess it’s just one of those “This page intentionally left blank, except for the phrase “This page intentionally left blank” and everything else after the phrase. Like this.”-type posts.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say tomorrow. Tomorrow is a big day.

So, until then, do something fun. Enjoy your life. It’s too short to be bored.

Talk tomorrow…

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First Day of the (Work) Week, First Day of the Month and a Blog Challenge

I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging, but just could not figure out how to squeeze it in. But since there’s another Ultimate Blog Challenge, and the first of October falls on a Monday, I figured it was the planets aligning to allow me to jump back in. So, here I am.

No idea what I’m going to write about to fill 31 days, but I’m sure things will come to me when they need to. Lord knows, my friends on Facebook and Twitter provide me with enough fodder, not to mention my um, entertaining family. So, I imagine this month will be a hodge-podge of things. Hopefully, at least some of it will be entertaining.

I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire (even more than usual *yikes*), so I doubt there are going to be a lot of long, rambling posts, but I will strive to post something every day, even if it’s more of a “Dear Diary, today I fed the dogs and cleaned the oven,” kinda post than something more meaningful. Of course, I hope to provide more entertaining fare, but sometimes, you get what you get. 🙂

And with that, I’m going to sign off. Got work to do, lists to make, blog post ideas to conjure up…

See you tomorrow.

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