I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Monday. When I was still working an actual brick and mortar job, it meant the beginning of a new week of sucky commutes, impossible deadlines, dealing with clueless people, and answering to “superiors” that I didn’t like, and definitely didn’t want to help in any way , shape or form. Luckily for them, my work ethic trumped my disdain of authority, so I always did the best job possible, even though it was killing me inside.

Now that I work for myself, Mondays mean impossible deadlines, dealing with clueless people and answering to editors and clients that I don’t always like. Of course, in this case, making them look good makes me look good, so although they don’t always deserve it, I still do the best job possible. And right now I am fortunate that I actually like my current stable of clients, so that makes it easier. And obviously, I couldn’t ask for a shorter commute.

But Mondays are still sort of a letdown.

But today was a bit different. Since I charted my new course, I was actually anxious to get today started. I spent the first part of my day pouring over writer guidelines for several magazines. I’ve got them printed out and I’m reading over them along with several back copies. I also went through the titles of articles I’ve written for the content mills. Not that I can use those articles (and not that I’d want to. Some are pretty good, but the majority of them are “just the facts ma’am-type articles that would make a decent base for a real article, at best). But I did find five plausible ideas for pitches, so that was a good thing, and I still have a lot of articles to review, so I’m confident I’ll find more ideas stashed away.

While I was taking a break, I caved and checked out Draw Something. Lord love a duck, that game is crack. I don’t usually buy apps, but that one, yeah, I bought it. I’ve been playing it on and off all night.

And now, I’m working on by “bread and butter” client work. I have a hard time working on that gig during the day, so I’ve made a pot of coffee and now I’m about to knock out several hours’ of work.

Tomorrow, I’ll try my hand at my first query. I haven’t written one in ages — hope I still remember how. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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