Tools of the Hobby

Yes, I know the actual phrase is “tools of the trade,” but I’m talking about my hobby, so I changed it. 🙂

This won’t be a shock to some of you, but for others you might be surprised to know what my hobby is. I’d let you guess, but that would make for a rather awkward blog post, so I’ll just get on with it.

I am a weather geek. I’ve been fascinated with the weather since I was a little girl. Other kids would run screaming at the sound of thunder or a flash of lightning.

I ran too — in the direction of the sound or flash.

I never considered pursuing a career in weather science because although I am a weather geek, I really only have a passion for three types of weather: storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.The power of storms and their offspring is awesome to me, in both the positive and negative connotations. I love them, but I am humbled and sometimes overwhelmed by the devastation they often leave in their wake.

So the last couple of days have been exciting for me. And gut-wrenching.

But enough about that. I actually wanted to share some of the sites and links I use to monitor the weather and track the storms that form in the US. There are oodles of sites, but these are my favorites, for several reasons that I will explain.

Dutchsinse – This dude is hella accurate. I’ll tell you up front, he’s a believer of HAARP conspiracy and weather manipulation. At first I thought he was just one more conspiracy theorist, but after a month of getting his updates and tracking his predictions, I couldn’t argue with his results. He has predicted every major weather outbreak that has occurred since I’ve been following him, which is well over a year. He predicted the outbreak last April, and he predicted the Joplin, Mo. tornado. So, if you have an open mind, you want to check him out.

Tornado Alley Live – Just as the name suggests. It’s the home of some of the craziest and most awesome storm chasers and they put their chase experiences on live webcams for the whole world to see. Pretty neat stuff.

Intellicast – The live interactive map will pinpoint every type of storm, it’s path and shows all alerts for storms. At it’s highest zoom, you can see streets.

College of DuPage – Intellicast gets bogged down, especially during sever weather outbreaks, so this site is a good go-to page, especially if you’re experienced interpreting radar.

Weather Underground – Not quite as popular as or The Weather Channel, but accurate forecasting nonetheless. I’ll often start my weather watching adventure by checking out the National radar on this page. That lets me know if I need to load everything else.

And there you go — my must have weather sites for a weather geek bobby. On a serious note, if you live in an area that is prone to severe weather, you might want to check out these sites on a regular basis. Sometimes they catch things hours before a local station or even the closest NWS station. And when you’re dealing with severe storms and tornadoes, there is no such thing as too much warning!

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