An Open Letter to One Million Moms

Dear 57 sad women with no life and a drinking problem One Million Moms:

You seem to think I need you to tell me what I can and cannot do, see, read, listen to or buy. Guess what? I don’t.

JC Penney’s choice of Ellen offended you. You said she didn’t represent the values of the American people.

You thought wrong.

Now you have an issue with a comic, or more to the point, Toys R Us because they are carrying the comic. Two men got married. I guess they don’t represent the values of the American people either.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say, you’re wrong again. Two people who commit to each other, who commit to share their lives, forsaking all others…

Sounds like familiar American values to me.

I have a suggestion: if you don’t like what is on your television, change the channel. Don’t like the content of a book? Don’t read it. Don’t like the song on the radio? Change the station.

But you do not have the right to dictate what I do or what I choose to let my children do, even if, in your opinion, it’s for the “public good.”

You’ll forgive me if I roll my eyes at the utterance of that statement.

The Public Good.

Do you know what has happened in the name of “the public good”?

  • Blacks were enslaved for the public good, because they were no smarter than animals and incapable of being productive members of society.
  • Women weren’t allowed to work, go to school or vote because it was for the public good that they stay home, barefoot and pregnant.
  • Native Americans were herded to reservations because they were savages and it was for the public good that they be isolated.
  • Concentration camps in Germany were for the public good.
  • Japanese internment camps were for the public good.

Get it?

You are free to pray for my soul.  Go ahead and find Bible passages that prove I’m a heathen and that I’m going to hell. Lament sadly that I just won’t accept the truth. Knock yourself out. But do it quietly. I don’t want to hear this nonsense. I do not need you to police my life. I’m more than capable of that, myself. And obviously, I’m also capable of calling you on your crap, something I will continue to do for as long as you are determined to sling it.


One Annoyed Mom

(You see, I don’t need to claim 999,999 other Moms to stand up to you.)

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11 thoughts on “An Open Letter to One Million Moms

  1. RJ Clarken says:

    You can add my name to the list of annoyed moms. I would rather my kids have a dialogue about social issues, and from that, learn about the different people who make up their world, than to grow up to be uninformed bigots who run about spouting vitriol and hate.

    • Thank you, RJ! I feel the same way, and that’s how I raised my kids. Intolerance and bigotry are a cancer, and I don’t care how many Bible verses or moral platitudes you wrap it in. Wrong is wrong. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  2. Sirena says:

    Add my name to annoyed moms with you. Sharing this on facebook.

  3. Barbara says:

    Here’s another annoyed mom adding her voice to yours. Thank you! I so hate it when “others, who in their (kof, kof) infinite wisdom” get to decide what’s right and wrong for me. I don’t think so.

    I’m 54 today and, yes, I’ve made my mistakes. Learned from them, too. I’d prefer to make my own decisions and mistakes on my own, thankyouvermuch. We’re not women in burqas living in Afghanistan, for heaven’s sake!

  4. annebaley10 says:

    Standing and applauding.

  5. Tracey says:

    Very well said. I’m not a mom but I agree with your points completely! Sharing on FB too..

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