I Struck Down the Soup Nazi!

Well, I helped, anyway.

I’m going to keep this short — I’ll probably post more about it tomorrow.

Every Sunday for the last year and a half, a friend of mine and his wife have been making soup for the local freeze shelter (that’s a shelter that takes in homeless people when the weather is cold). Well, this past week, my friend was told by the Health Department that he could no longer provide soup to the shelter because he didn’t have a commercial kitchen or a permit.

This upset my friend, and as people often do, he posted about it on Facebook. And we were rather annoyed for him.

After doing some research, my friend discovered that although he couldn’t take a whole pot of soup down to the shelter, there was nothing illegal about an individual taking a single serving of soup to another individual.

See where I’m going with this?

So, tonight, I participated in some civil disobedience. Yes, it was technically still not legal for him to serve the soup, but since individuals delivered it, it was okay.


Well to me, and the rest of us who pitched in, it was perfectly okay. Matter of fact, a good time was had by all.

Anyway, that was my first act of rebellion since college. Felt good. Might have to see what else I can get myself into…


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4 thoughts on “I Struck Down the Soup Nazi!

  1. Oh, what a bunch of egalitarian shit! Good for you!

  2. Katrina says:

    Oh this sort of thing drives me crazy…..we’ve had issues with things like this here….in other words all the people who can help and want to help are being prevented from helping due to not having a commercial kitchen….love what you’re doing

    • That is exactly the issue. I don’t understand how people who can and are willing to help are prevented from doing so because of the health hazards, and yet, those people who we could help but can’t because of the regulations are eating out of dumpsters. Yeah, that’s not a health hazard! Thanks for your comments!

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