Sunday Fundays!

Ok — so Sunday posts are going to be all about fun. Tomorrow starts a new work week, so let’s end the weekend on a fun note, shall we?

One of the things I enjoy doing for fun is puzzles and brain teasers, so I thought I’d share some with you. The following are codes for well-known sayings and common facts. See how many you can figure out.

1. head head > 1

2. 88 k on a p

3. 7 w of the w

4. 18 h on a gc

5. M h a l l (h f w w a s)

6. wrong wrong d m a right

7. 90 d in a r a

8. 7 d of the w

9. 13 in a b d

10. 11 p on a FT

11. A T of T C (book)

12. 32 d at w w f

Let me know how many you figure out!

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