Busy busy busy!

I’ve been woefully remiss in posting to this blog. In my defense, I’ve been pretty busy writing for clients, looking for new ones and dealing with some personal life issues such as buying a new house, moving into said house, and writing so I can pay for said house.

Did I mention I’ve been busy writing?

But I do realize that this blog is an important part of my writing career, so I will strive to post more often.

I can hear Yoda now. “Do or do not. There is no strive.”

OK — so he said “try,” but same difference.

Since my last post, I’ve lost one client, quit writing for another, gained two new ones and maintained the other three. Not bad considering my attentions have been divided between 1,234,435 other things.

That’s just a rough estimate, of course.

But this blog is important to me, so I figured that since I had a few minutes, I should post something.

And this is that something.

Aren’t you glad I stopped by? Yeah, me too.

OK — that’s all the time I have now. As you could probably tell, I don’t really have much to say writing-wise, cept what I’ve already said: I’m writing. A lot.

And I’m sure you’ll agree with me that, if ever there was a great excuse not to blog about writing, being too busy writing to blog about it should rank pretty high.

Right? Right.

Carry on…

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