Question for the class…

So, I posted this question on my Facebook page today:

Question for my business-owning, self-employed, entrepreneurial friends –what are your biggest concerns about running a business/being self-employed? Also, if you’ve considered starting a business, what do you consider your biggest obstacle? 

Seemed like a perfectly good question to pose here, as well.

I’m working on a series of articles for a client regarding Entrepreneurship, and I would appreciate feedback from fellow entrepreneurs, business owners and the like.  Not sure where or when the articles will run, but as soon as I know, I will pass that info. along.

And seeing that I never ask a question that I would be unwilling to answer,  here are my responses to the questions I posed.

My biggest concerns about running  a business and being self-employed: getting everything I need to get done, done and not screwing things up in the process.  I wear several hats, see. I’ve got a decent freelance writing career going (again!) and I have my jewelry business. There are times when I am so busy, I forget to eat and sleep becomes a series of catnaps between deadlines. There are times when I think, “Ya know, K, maybe you should scale back the number of articles you write, or decline that client’s job offer. Or maybe you don’t have to attend that jewelry show after all.”

Then I laugh (sometimes to myself, sometimes out loud), take another sip of coffee and go back to work.

Cuz, that’s the thing — yes my gigs  are work. Yes, sometimes I don’t want to do any of it. But there is nothing else I want to do more.  Writing and  creating jewelry are more than just a profession — they are my passion.

Which leads me to my other big concern — sometimes there IS such a thing as too much passion or dedication to your work,  especially  if it constantly bleeds into other aspects of your life.

Or, if you listen to my daughter, completely takes over.

Admittedly, if my professions were the Borg, I would be considered assimilated. I do spend the lion’s share of my life working. But even I question the cost at times. So, it’s important to strike a good balance between work and life. I’m still looking for that balance. I’ll let you know when I find it.

Probably through a blog post.

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2 thoughts on “Question for the class…

  1. adsimons says:

    I’m about to hit the road on a cross country road trip with no idea how long it’s going to be or where I’m going. I plan on supporting us by starting my own business of sorts and my biggest concern is making enough money to live on. My expenses will be pretty low, but it does worry me that I just won’t make enough.

  2. Hiya fellow quillie!

    First off, I gotta tell you that I’m so envious of you right now I could scream. 🙂 I read about you fixing up a RV, but didn’t realize you were about to embark on such a journey! Do you have a particular destination in mind, or is this just something you’ve always wanted to do and just decided to do it?

    As for your money concerns, there are a lot of sites that you can write for that pay on a regular basis, one pays twice a week, but most pay once or twice a month. The pay isn’t huge, but it can keep you in food and gas on your journey.

    If I’m telling you things you already know, then my apologies. Otherwise, if you want a list of sites that pay writers for content, email me at kafrancis1969 at yahoo dot com.

    I hope you plan to blog about your adventure as it unfolds…I would love to read about it!

    Thanks for the comment!


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