after a couple of really hectic days filled with brainstorming and frantic writing. Not quite as frantic as her, but pretty exhausting just the same.

They say that procrastination is a bad practice, but sometimes it’s necessary.

And sometimes it’s the best tool a writer has.

I have several steady clients who give me assignments at the beginning of the month, along with dates for when the projects are due. Usually I have all the assignments by the 5th and the due dates are scattered throughout the month, so as long as I put everything on my calendar, I can manage my time and workload.

Well, I don’t know if February being a short month threw stuff off or what, but I ended up not getting my assignments until 8th, with THREE sizable projects all due within 2 days of each other. To put a number on it, 12 articles, ranging from 400 words up to 1,000 each.

And I had two weeks, one day to complete them.


So I started tackling the smaller ones first, and as ideas came to me for the larger articles, I’d jot them down. Once the smaller articles were done, I moved on to the mid-sized articles. These went a little quicker because unlike the smaller ones, these weren’t as research intensive, mainly because I had the research readily available.

Knocked those articles out and I still had a week left before everything was due.  I was proud of myself, I could now focus on the big ones.

The LARGE articles…

And I was fresh out of ideas.

I researched, I brainstormed, I doodled. I drew words from a hat. I re-read old articles.


Days passed — still nothing.

Finally, two days before the due date, I started getting ideas.

The day before they were due, I had the outlines. But I still had to fill in the blanks.

Yeah — wasn’t happening.

Back to doodling, brainstorming and mumbling to myself.

The due date arrived. I had no choice — I just started writing.

And writing.

And writing.

Finally, I pounded out a lot of articles in about 10 hours.

But I wasn’t thrilled. I was sure I had written total crap and the client was going to hate every.single. one.

The next day, I got an email from the client.

“As usual, your submissions were spot on and perfect for what we needed.”

Okay, then! 🙂

I wasn’t trying to wait until the last minute to write those articles. Matter of fact, I did everything in my power to clear the path for them. But try as I might, I could not get those words to flow. Inspiration did not strike until it absolutely had to.

I guess, sometimes procrastination knows best. *shrug*

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