So, I am several posts into this blog, and it just occurred to me: y’all have no idea what I write about.  Maybe I should remedy that.

I write everything!

Oh, come now, surely you’ve figured out that I’m a smart-a$$ by now, haven’t you?

But, to be honest, my response isn’t all too far from the actual truth. I refer to myself as a Nonfiction Generalist. There really is not a topic I cannot write about. But, of course there are areas in which I both prefer and excel.

Here’s a brief list of things I have written about in the last week:

  • Scabies
  • Itches of the really REALLY icky kind
  • Feline depression
  • Dog warts
  • Blogging
  • Twitter
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Dehydrating food in an oven’s warming tray
  • The differences between a Bachelors in Arts and Bachelors in Science
  • Current news events
  • The happenings in Japan

And this is a typical week. It’s rare when I spend more than one day a week on one topic. However, it does keep things from getting boring and I’m always learning something.

And this week is going to be just as diverse, but with an extra twist — I landed a new client and I’m trying to learn their template system and the writing style they prefer. That’s always an interesting process.

OK — but back to the actual topic of this post. I write a lot of business articles.  A LOT. I write very few articles about writing. I write rudimentary medical articles (as in I can define a term or take a condition and explain it), a decent amount of legal articles and the periodic craft/hobby article.

Anyway, that’s me and what I write about? Feel free to comment and let me know what you do.

OK — back to work I go!

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2 thoughts on “Huh!

  1. adsimons says:

    I have to admit my awe at you here. I’m afraid to try my hand at non-fiction, facts scare me. I just make things up, that’s safer. ^_^

  2. LOL! I used to write a lot of fiction — but lately, that’s been taking a back seat to the nonfic stuff. I’ve got lot of story ideas and characters floating around in my head, and hopefully one day I’ll find the time to get them down on paper.

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